LDT Automatic Driving Lessons Oldham

LDT School of Motoring - Test Information

The Theory Test Multi-Choice Questions
To successfully pass this part of the test you must answer 50 questions, taken from a bank of over 1000, and score at least 43 correct questions. The theme of the questions is the Highway Code and road safety matters.

You will have 57 minutes to complete the test.

Hazard Perception Test
You will take this after the multi-choice squestions have been answered. It is made up of fourteen video clips and is designed to measure your ability to recognize road hazards. Thirteen of the clips contain a single hazard and one contains two.

The pass rate for the hazard perception test is 44 out of 75. You will need to pass both the multi-choice questions and the hazard awareness test in order to successfully pass the theory test.

The fee for taking both tests is £25.

To sample the test try our mock theory questions.

Practical Driving Test
This last between 35-40 minutes. To be successful you must demonstrate that you have a good understanding of the Highway code and have the ability to drive safely on various types of roads and traffic conditions.

At the start of the test you will need to pass the eyesight test, otherwise the test will go no further. You will have to read a standard number plate from 20.5 metres.

During the driving part of the test you will have to successfully perform two reversing manoeuvres - either a parallel park, a bay park, a turn in the road or a left reverse. You may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop.

To pass the test, you must not commit more than 15 minor driving faults or any dangerous or serious driving faults.

The practical test costs £62 on a week day or £75 over the weekend.

Show Me, Tell Me Test
This is a simple test based around basic car maintenance matters. The driving test examiner will ask you two questions, one show me and one tell Me. The questions and answers are widely published so no one should fail. For the full show me tell me questions and answers.

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